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Um... Okey, here we go^^
I'm a 14 years old girl from Norway.I really like to read/watch anime and manga, play wii, gamecube, ds, sing, draw, and all that stuff X3
I like to think of myself like I have a split personality or something X3 Because I like and hate everything at the same time O.o
my sister :icongothilalita: Have been bugging me to join in for a long time. And I've been thinkin of joining too, so finally!! Here I am^^
On my freetime: I play piano, dance and go to a japanese course with my mum, sister and my sempai^^
My favorite mangas are Naruto, Death Note, Chibi Vampire, Vampire Knight... and many, many mores^^
Sorry for my bad english too... n_n'
Well... this was a little bit of me^^ Hope you wasn't bored to death by reading this... >.<

Yososhiku onegaishimasu!!

:icondirtymindstamp1::icondirtymindstamp2: :iconilovestuffstamp1::iconilovestuffstamp2: :iconcatloverstamp1::iconcatloverstamp2:
:icontalkcat1plz::icontalkcat2plz: :iconbakastamp1::iconbakastamp2: :iconmellostamp::iconmellostamp2:
:iconakaplz::icontsukiplz: :iconluigiiswinplz1::iconluigiiswinplz2: ::iconkilledbrainstamp1::iconkilledbrainstamp2:
:iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz: :iconpockystamp1plz::iconpockystamp2plz: :iconwhysoseriousstamp1::iconwhysoseriousstamp2:
:iconilovenightstamp1::iconilovenightstamp2: :iconoceanlovestamp1::iconoceanlovestamp2: :iconthegamestampplz::iconthegamestamp2plz:
:iconpokefanstamp1::iconpokefanstamp2: :iconpokeplz1::iconpokeplz2:
:iconsquirtlelovestamp1::iconsquirtlelovestamp2: :iconpikachulovestamp1::iconpikachulovestamp2: :iconraichuicon1::iconraichuicon2:
:iconjigglypufflovestamp1::iconjigglypufflovestamp2: :iconvulpixlovestamp1::iconvulpixlovestamp2: :iconninetaleslovestamp1::iconninetaleslovestamp2:
:icongyaradosfanstamp1::icongyaradosfanstamp2: :iconmewtwolovestamp1::iconmewtwolovestamp2: :iconmewlovestamp1::iconmewlovestamp2:
:icontwssplz::icontwss2plz: :iconlovestamp1::iconlovestamp2: :iconplutostamp1::iconplutostamp2:
:iconhitlerstamp1::iconhitlerstamp2:<< I’m NOT a nazi, it’s just an inside humor thingX3
:iconyhallothar1::iconyhallothar2: :iconcanonlove1::iconcanonlove2: :iconzombiestamp1::iconzombiestamp2:
:iconimnotamorningperson1::iconimnotamorningperson2::iconcrazyraito1plz::iconcrazyraito2plz: :iconlinkinparkstamp1::iconlinkinparkstamp2:
:iconowlcitystamp1::iconowlcitystamp2::iconcancer1plz::iconcancer2plz: :icontardstampplz1::icontardstampplz2:
:iconnotweirdstamphaf1plz::iconnotweirdstamphaf2plz: :iconpjsday1plz::iconpjsday2plz:
These awesome stamps come from --> :worship: :iconcollect-stamps:

Phew! I'm beat only after putting up THIS!! X_X *Dies slowly and painfully*

Current Residence: chillin' with the man on the moon-
Favourite genre of music: Everything except country.
Favourite photographer: Duuunno.
Favourite style of art: Gothic and creepy, adorable-ish~
Operating System: Aaa... Windows I guess? #__#
MP3 player of choice: le Ipod touch.
Shell of choice: Shells with a pearl inside of it.
Skin of choice: Skin, soaked in... BLOOD.
Favourite cartoon character: Olalà~ Clare from claymore.
Personal Quote: "Life is long, but still so short. Don't be afraid to live it". my dad's quote~
  • Reading: Cinderella Ninja Warrior
  • Watching: Dr. Who
  • Eating: Asian express food.
Oh my, I realised that it's been exactly one year since my last journal xD Sooo I decided this was a combination of too funny and too sad so I just had to write a new one.

Fun stuff: I'm going to my boyfriend first and then to paris in the Autumn break next week :D yay :dummy:

Boring stuff: I don't know what my relationship with deviantart is anyore... I thought we were meant to be, but I'm beginning to doubt it. I do have a couple of drawings I would like to share before I say anything further though.

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TehFluffyUnicorn Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice siggy!!
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Verslemøy, jeg har laget ny deviantart, så dette er min nye. ville bare si ifra 8D
MissMusse Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
ahaa, got it C8

.... ja, jeg er sånn passe aktiv her xD
TriiChi Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Jeg ser det, det er nesten to måneder siden jeg sendte den til deg XDD
speedyleedy Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^Gratulerer med dagen!! (på to dagers forskudd,skal bort i helgen) Kan jeg lage en gave til deg :3? Thea liker å lage gaver x3.
MissMusse Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
åå takk ^-^ uuu gave OwO bare å lage i vei 8D
speedyleedy Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
: D Hva vil du jeg skal lage?
MissMusse Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
hm, hva kan du da? OwO
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ChibiMonsterz Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
first off, holy fuck i miss you D: i have to get off this thingy i juss wanted to say i LOVE youuu :3 kayy, tty sometime sooooon :D
MissMusse Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
awww, I miss you too~D: It's no fun to admitt, but I'm no longer addicted to dA o____o :iconcriesplz: But I love you too and do wanna keep on talking to you as much as I can ^w^ How's it going with you? :3
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